Secure Password Share: Send passwords securely

Our secure password exchange tool for businesses allows you to create and send password links that can only be accessed once.


  • Share passwords and leave no traces behind in emails or chat histories.
  • Set an availability period and keep track of all activities using a dashboard.
  • Receive notifications about any activity using your password links.
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Security features of our Secure Password Exchange




Encryption and decryption only locally in the browser


The password is displayed once and then irrevocably deleted 

Advanced security

Send private keys separately / link sharing only for a specific person


Password links can only be viewed within a specific time period


The Business Solution for Secure Password Exchange

Always included

General functions

  • Unlimited number of password links and up to 20 recipients per link
  • 1 hour to 2 weeks validity period per link
  • Dashboard with link history and password link activity notifications
  • One-time valid guest access links
  • Send sensitive image data (e.g. screenshots)


Technical details

  • 2-factor authentication with Microsoft account
  • Web app for Windows, iOS, Android
  • Easy to switch between German and English
  • Simply log in for Lite version, install Enterprise version via Azure


Additional functions

Enterprise version only

License models

Select the right license model


1 user

Available immediately!


Log in


100, 500 or 1000 users

additional functions

 from 59 € / month

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Basic functions of Secure Password Share by doubleSlash

  • How can passwords be sent? Passwords can be sent using a password link.

  • How can passwords be requested?
    Passwords can be requested by clicking a guest access link.

  • Can I store passwords permanently in Secure Password Share? 
    No. Secure Password Share is not a password manager for storing passwords permanently. Secure Password Share is used only to share passwords securely.




Questions about the security of Secure Password Share by doubleSlash

  • What is the effect of end-to-end encryption with Secure Password Share?Encryption and decryption only take place locally in the browser. The secret key is never transmitted to our servers. Not even Secure Password Share can see the passwords.

  • How often can a password be displayed?
    As soon as a password has been decrypted or displayed, it is irrevocably deleted from the database.

  • How long can a password be viewed?
    After a specified time period chosen by the sender, the encrypted password is irrevocably deleted from the database.

  • How can I securely share more than just passwords?
    Secure Password Share is ideally complemented by the doubleSlash Business Filemanager. The file management tool enables secure and controlled data transfer and collaborative working on files across company boundaries.

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